Marketing services

Worm Marketing Consulting provides a complete service across all channels - always focussed on the goal of generating a measurable increase in leads.

Our Marketing Service Unit provides assistance with creation, landing pages, videos, marketing automation and E-Mail marketing as well as Internet applications and sales-driven websites.

In addition to technical implementation, we also offer editorial and design support for the creation of online and offline content.

Our marketing services at a glance:

Dialogue marketing campaigns

  • Design and management of cross-media campaigns
  • Marketing automation / E-Mail marketing
  • Development of online concepts / online lead generation
  • PURL campaigns


  • USP video web spot
  • Mail-out development
  • Programming and design


  • Landing pages and micropages for events
  • Online tracking, online registration and online surveys
  • SEO analysis and SEO campaign support

Editorial service / graphics

  • Development of print media for campaigns
  • Text development
  • Project management
  • Localisation service

Your contact

Sebastian Worm-Paradiek

Managing Director
Phone: +49 89 2306930-01