New Testimonials from our customers Dignum, Best and Robotron


Worm Marketing Consulting GmbH does an awsome job to provide a high quality of leads. This is one and the most important key factor to be successful as a partner. Beside that there is a very good and close communication with Worm Marketing Consulting GmbH regarding e.g. post qualification etc.

Beate Hamacher, Account Manager dignum GmbH


Because of its long-term strategy and commitment the project is distinct from any sales support Oracle's competitors offer. The marketing agency is an ideal partner for best Systeme. The leads and information we receive are perfectly qualified. Work-flow and communication of all parties - Oracle, Worm Marketing Consulting, Arrow ECS, and best Systeme - runs smoothly. We want to thank for the great collaboration and wish for it to continue in the upcoming fiscal year!

Olaf Schönfeld, Account Manager best Systeme GmbH


The campaign was very suitable for Robotron to create new customer contacts. We had the opportunity to further develop our existing customer contacts as well as to establish new ones. Overall some interesting project initiatives arose from which we still benefit. Robotron is very satisfied with the course of the campaign.

Eric Barth, System Consultant Robotron GmbH