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Sales representatives need strong leads to be successful in a reluctant market. Isolated campaigns, especially on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, often do not provide useful results. The key to success lies in the use and the synergy of different channels. Our approach combines our expertise in telemarketing and in E-Mail strategies with the strengths of LinkedIn. By closely integrating all channels, we speak more frequently with relevant decision-makers and generate measurably more leads that convert into better opportunities and turnover.


Worm Marketing Consulting stands for full service across all channels - always with the aim of generating measurably more leads. This is why we flank our core activity, telephone-based business development, with automated LinkedIn campaigns, E-Mail journeys and data management services as and when required.

All of these service modules can be booked separately from various agencies. But only at Worm Marketing Consulting you get everything from one single source: For example, we don't offer you a LinkedIn campaign for its own sake, but to create an efficient pre-selection for a subsequent business development step.

This increases accessibility, we speak to decision-makers faster and more reliably and measurably more leads are generated. At the same time, we expand your network on LinkedIn with relevant people and increase the reach for future campaigns. For our customers in IT and industry, we generate strong leads with real sales potential.


We can see a significant decrease in willingness to invest across many sectors. A lot of our customers are under enormous pressure to achieve their sales targets. One of the biggest challenges is reaching decision-makers whose time is always limited and whose attention is more and more fiercely contested.

With this in mind, social media and E-Mail strategies are an important part of many marketing and sales campaigns in terms of cost-per-lead. To gain direct access to decision-makers, LinkedIn is often used as the largest professional network. However, an active presence on the platform and the integration of other channels is a prerequisite for success. This is especially necessary when selling products and services that require a lot of explanation, a professional dialogue and where trust has to be built up over several stages before a deal can be closed.

We are therefore convinced that all approaches need to be closely harmonised. The way to achieve this is an integrated strategy that combines professional telemarketing, E-Mail journeys and LinkedIn automation.


Our holistic approach is based on combining personal and digital touchpoints to maximise impact. By merging targeted telemarketing, LinkedIn automation and customised E-Mail journeys, we create a robust system that allows us to effectively target decision makers who are difficult to reach through traditional channels and improve the quality and quantity of leads. The basic requirements are an ongoing telemarketing campaign and a LinkedIn profile that we can use. An exchange of login information is not necessary.

We offer LinkedIn as an additional channel in a working system for two specific purposes: To flank telemarketing campaigns and to prepare trade fair visits. The LinkedIn profile required for this comes from you, so that there is no break in the external presentation.

Support for telemarketing
There are always certain individuals who cannot be reached by phone or E-Mail. This is extremely annoying when the decision-makers have been carefully qualified and all efforts come to nothing. Of course, you can stay on the ball with a lot of hard work and perseverance, but why not use all the channels you have?
For this purpose, we expand the main campaign to include a customised LinkedIn campaign to which we can transfer the relevant contacts. There, they are contacted in a personalised way and kept in the pipeline with automated follow-ups until there is a response. The setup effort is manageable because we can draw on the existing concept of the main campaign and provide templates and best practices for the social approach. An initial test run is therefore included in all telemarketing campaigns at no additional cost.
Your benefit: The reachability increases, we speak faster and more reliably with decision-makers, make more leads and as a nice side effect we expand your network on LinkedIn with relevant people.

Preparation of trade fair visits
LinkedIn is ideal for preparing visits at trade fairs and events. We offer this in parallel to ongoing telemarketing campaigns. We use exhibitor lists for this purpose and enrich them with the decision-makers relevant to you via the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With sufficient time in advance, we can also use the significantly more powerful databases used in our telemarketing campaigns for list building. With the completed list, we create a targeted LinkedIn campaign and call the people who connect to arrange fixed appointments for your sales representatives.
Your benefit: By targeting and scheduling appointments with relevant decision-makers, we ensure that your sales staff go to trade fairs with a clear plan and can focus on the most promising contacts while we effectively follow-up on the rest.


  • Better reachability of decision-makers
    Through the integrated strategy, which includes telemarketing, E-Mail journeys and LinkedIn automation, Worm Marketing Consulting increases the probability of effectively reaching decision-makers.
  • Synergy effects
    The combination of targeted, personal telemarketing and automated contact sequences by E-Mail and on LinkedIn highlight the advantages of the various channels and minimise the disadvantages.
  • Measurably more leads
    More access and more efficient segmentation in advance are leading to more and better dialogues with decision-makers, resulting in more and better leads.
  • Clear schedule for trade fair visits
    Your sales representatives network with the relevant decision-makers in the run-up to the trade fair and receive fixed appointments from us.
  • Networking
    More contacts for your profile and a greater reach on LinkedIn for future campaigns.


Why not LinkedIn automation pure and simple?
LinkedIn is a classic one-to-many channel with significant scattering losses and the selection of target persons in Sales Navigator is very unfocussed. We mitigate the inherent disadvantages of the platform by linking it sensibly with our core competences:

  • By adding contacts manually, we ensure that only people who are relevant to the project are contacted.
  • At trade fairs and events, we use our expertise in data enrichment and research to convert exhibitor lists into whitelists that can be used in the Sales Navigator to significantly minimise the number of false positives.

How should you react to incoming messages?
The person whose LinkedIn profile is used for the automation campaign does not have to do anything at first. We follow-up all prospects who have been contacted via our campaigns by telephone and refer to the LinkedIn network when opening the conversation.
However, if the customer is approached directly and has to take over, then we hand over the contact with all the information we have (but otherwise without further qualification) as a B Lead.

How much time in advance is needed to prepare trade fair visits?
It is always worth starting early. The minimum preparation time is 6 weeks. If the target group cannot be clearly segmented with LinkedIn Sales Navigator or if special precision in the approach is necessary or desired, we have to fall back on our own databases and contact research tools. In this case - precise but slow - the preparation time is 8+ weeks.

I have never worked with Sales Navigator before, but I don't want to share my login information. What are the options?
We can set up a web meeting and share the screen and go through the selection in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The additional hours required for this will be charged at an hourly rate.

How is the campaign billed?
The initial set-up costs for the support are part of every telemarketing framework agreement with Worm Marketing Consulting. The ongoing costs are calculated against the monthly budget. Special expenses are charged at an hourly rate.
The costs for trade fair preparation run separately. The initial setup and ongoing costs can be charged against the ongoing monthly budget from the telemarketing campaign or paid separately through an extra budget.

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