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By applying the right strategy, using the right tools and involving our experienced team, we can fill your sales pipeline. The business development team at Worm Marketing Consulting is a byword for valuable concrete B2B leads or opportunities, flexibility and expert consultancy for the IT and industrial sectors. Below are some of our campaigns as best practice cases.

Case highlights

Our cases in the area IT and software

Customer: Provider of a SaaS platform for electronics development
Target group: Medium-sized production companies in DACH
Goal: Permanent process to identify companies with their own electronics development & continuous business development via different channels with the objective of qualifying a use case and fixing a sales date
Method: Intensive data analysis, mapping and crawling of accounts as well as enrichment of contact persons in relevant target positions to reduce wastage / Verification & qualification of relevant contact persons / Determination of the current approach to electronics development in the target companies and targeted positioning of the SAAS solution as an alternative through desk research and telephone / Continuous optimisation and target group expansion through workshops and close coordination with sales
Budget: 7'000 EUR / month
Outcome: 14 BANT leads & 40 follow-up calls per month as well as 100% campaign-ready data

Client: Partner Channel of an international full-service IT provider
Target group: IT management in the upper middle class and public sector
Goal: Verification of specific use cases for convergent overall systems and comprehensive cross-selling in the entire manufacturer portfolio (on-premise, hybrid, only-cloud), with sustainable sales potential and qualified database for further dialogue marketing campaigns
Method: Comprehensive enrichment of the account base with initial contact persons before the start of the project (crawling) / Complete verification of the contact persons generated in advance during the course of the campaign as well as comprehensive enrichment with personal contact data and qualification of numerous, alternative contact persons / Target group-specific argumentation in connection with individual conversation management, thereby identifying specific use cases and problems across the entire IT stack, which can be solved by the manufacturer's portfolio
Budget: 9'900 EUR
Result: 28 BANT leads / 43 follow-up leads (potential in the next 6 to 12 months) / 100% campaign-ready data

Customer: Provider of data storage and management solutions
Target group: Mid-size companies in Germany
Goal: Identification of concrete BANT leads of IT decision-makers on the subject of data management in the hybrid cloud, qualification of the corresponding application cases and the existing IT infrastructure as well as projects in the target companies, complete cleansing and updating of data
Method: Project preparation workshop, creation of a SalesKit with tested practical examples and arguments, telephone lead generation with project details, enrichment of existing accounts and definition of an account-based marketing approach, business development via telephone incl. E-Mail delivery
Budget: 15'000 EUR
Outcome: 18 BANT leads with complete project description and fully qualified application case

Customer: Leading international end-to-end IT provider
Target group: Upper mid-size companies and leading large corporations in Germany
Goal: Identification of decision-makers in various human resources areas within 150 target companies and development of a contact base, opening for innovations in the Human Capital Management environment and arrangement of follow-up appointments with a target conversion rate of 5% to 20%
Method: Close communication throughout the project and constant iteration based on experiences and results, direct cooperation with the respective account managers in the customer's business development channel, account-based business development via telephone including E-Mail dispatch and integration of an associated event
Budget: 25'000 EUR
Outcome: 30 leads

Customer: Provider of flexible and agile software solutions for the banking sector
Target group: The largest 50 banks in Germany
Goal: Identification of at least 5 decision-makers in defined departments per account, generation of at least 15 sales appointments, integration of qualified contacts into an existing marketing automation process
Method: intensive consultation on the procedure as well as a project preparation workshop, creation of a SalesKit with all project specifications and definition of an account-based marketing approach, telephone business development incl. E-Mail delivery
Budget: 30'000 EUR
Outcome: 25 appointments

Our cases in the area industry and manufacturing

Customer: Manufacturer of chargers for electric forklift vehicles
Target group: Large and medium-sized enterprises with significant intralogistics in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland
Goal: Identification of decision-makers for the forklift vehicle fleets and energy management, arrangement of on-site and telephone appointments
Method: Processing of more than 2'500 contacts in 1'500 accounts / Systematic breaking up of large accounts with dozens of locations through telephone profiling and selective desk research / Inquiry of project-relevant parameters and identification of market-specific paints for targeted addressing of decision-makers
Budget: 78'000 EUR
Outcome: 160 leads (one every 6,5 hours - including the difficult French market) & 800 decision-maker meetings

Customer: Manufacturer of laser processing machines
Target group: Medical technology companies in Germany
Goal: Activation of participants for a first-time in-house trade fair
Method: First round: Contacting 300 companies specified by the customer, identifying (new) contact persons if necessary and sending out invitations via E-Mail / Second round: Contacting all contact persons who were undecided at the first round or who have promised to participate but have not yet registered
Budget: 9'300 EUR
Outcome: 53 participants activated (out of a total of over 200) / 2 sales leads / 31 E-Mail opt-ins / 116 newly identified contact persons / database cleansing

Customer: World market leader in high-voltage technology with its own software development for digitalising the production environment (shop floor and assembly)
Target group: Upper middle class manufacturing companies in DACH
Goal: Business development with continuous development of a sales pipeline / scheduling of virtual presentations of the software solution
Method: Data and account research with the support of mapping and crawling, as well as enrichment with contact persons in the target position in order to minimise wastage and enable a quick start in decision making / Determination of the already completed, current and planned activities of the target companies in the area of digitalisation of the production environment and targeted placement of the customer solution with telephone and individualised mailings / Continuous optimisation of the pre-sales process and the customer approach in terms of content through close feedback and coordination with the sales department
Budget: 5'570 EUR / month
Outcome: 8 leads per month with customer presentation / over 500 contact attempts / around 70 decision-maker meetings and newly identified contact persons / around 60 E-Mails

Customer: Leading US manufacturer of data transmission solutions
Target group: Large corporations with a large number of locations
Goal: Identification of needs and concrete projects
Method: Desk research of the locations in Europe where investment decisions are made / Determination of the decision paths and the decision makers through intensive processing of the accounts / Determination of the relevant project parameters & agreement of further discussions
Budget: 35'000 EUR
Outcome: Identification of major projects, among others at an automotive OEM

Customer: Manufacturer of specialised tooling machines
Target group: Manufacturers of large steel or titanium components for the aerospace industry worldwide
Goal: Identification of new potential customers
Method: Individual research for suitable target companies via desktop research and trade fair catalogues, identification and addressing of aerospace industry decision-makers at OEMs, presentation of the customer's special services, sparking interest, query of project-relevant parameters, forwarding of suitable interested parties to the customer's sales staff
Budget: 18'850 EUR
Outcome: 14 leads, each with a potential of several million EUR revenue

Customer: Leading manufacturer of construction machinery
Target group: Engineering companies
Goal: Identification of companies that want to use our customer's winches in their own machines
Method: Identification of suitable target companies in applications already known to the customer, research of completely new applications and identification of suitable target companies in these applications, identification and approach of decision makers, determination of needs and requirements
Budget: 21'000 EUR
Result: 26 leads, knowledge of the decision makers, market awareness, market knowledge

Customer: Leading high pressure pump manufacturer
Target group: Pump dealers with own service workshop
Goal: Identification of potential sales and service partners in Central and South America, South Africa, Thailand, the South of the USA and Canada
Method: Manual research of possible target companies / Telephone contact with these companies and determination of the responsible contact person / Introduction of the customer and his pumps and enquiry of the willingness to cooperate
Budget: 29'700 EUR
Result: 48 interested companies for a partnership & knowledge of the dealer landscape in the respective target region


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