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In the past, the focus of customer acquisition in many manufacturing companies was the processing of customer requests. However, for those who want to enjoy lasting success and achieve more ambitious goals, a systematic process for identifying and approaching new customers is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, the requisite resources and experiences are often lacking within companies hoping to make strides in this area.

This is where Worm Marketing Consulting steps in, as a specialist provider. We can take over all types of tasks for you in the pre-sales phase, even in international markets. We have the capability to cover all those areas for which your sales team's particular expertise is not required. Your sales employees can then focus on their core tasks. They no longer need to waste time on cold-calling tasks that others could fulfil just as well and often more effectively and with a better experience base.

Through our work for many leading manufacturing companies we have come to know the particularities of the market. We know that our employees will only achieve successful discussions if their demeanour and technical competence mean they are taken seriously by the customer and they are able to approach the customer on their wavelength. This knowledge informs our recruitment processes and we train our employees to further develop these skills. Our team therefore has what it takes to explain a client's product in just three sentences in such a way that it is clear how the product works and what advantages it offers. The result is that our discussions produce leads offering a wealth of information, which our clients' sales teams can then pursue further.

Worm Marketing Consulting strives to be a comprehensive service provider for all tasks that can bring our clients new customers. We therefore use a very wide range of tools in our campaigns and combine them in different ways, depending on the remit.

Business development for industry and manufacturing

One of the key aspects of our work is telephone-based lead generation. We take on responsibility for acquiring suitable addresses, locating the responsible contacts, presenting the services of our client and finding out about customers' needs and their willingness to enter into discussions. We then pass a pool of highly promising contacts on to our client’s sales team in the form of a comprehensive lead report. This process results in a database that is fit for your sales campaign and contacts that offer great potential.


It is often the case with a profiling project that all that is required is to identify the right contacts, such as those who have expressed a particular interest by opening an E-Mail and clicking on a link. Subsequent campaigns can then be carried out more efficiently, for example with an E-Mail campaign, with only these particular customers being contacted.

Market analysis focussed on technology and sales

Manufacturing companies often find they are faced with very complex challenges when entering new, unknown markets. They are entering unknown territory in which the experience they have gathered thus far is only of limited use - they do not know the market. At first, it is also unclear whether or not it is really worth trying to penetrate this new area and if so how this should be done. In situations like this, market analysis focussed on sales and technology that is provided quickly and efficiently can be an invaluable tool in making the right decisions.

Customer satisfaction surveys for industrial enterprises

Getting to know the needs of your customer is essential if you want to achieve
long-term success. However, most sales communication is focussed on discussing specific projects and issues with the customer. Worm Marketing Consulting offers clients significant added value through assistance with telephone-based customer satisfaction surveys.

No two companies or markets are the same.

Contact us and we will recommend the right solution for your company's specific remit, based on our wealth of experience.

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