Our solutions for industry & mechanical engineering

Worm Marketing Consulting GmbH supports leading medium-sized companies and large corporations in acquiring new professional customers through telephone, E-Mail and social media marketing.

We specialise in the precise development of target groups for explanation-intensive and complex B2B solutions from industrial and mechanical engineering companies and offer our customers precisely tailored leads that also convert into orders.

Strategy, data, premium leads: One-stop shop

Our services and your benefits go far beyond the sales appointments we organise.

New customer acquisition

  • Professional & content-qualified leads at the highest level, which also convert into orders thanks to our proven methodology
  • Permanent increase in results through continuous evaluation of market reactions
  • Telephone, E-Mail and social media marketing can be intelligently combined
  • Significant increase in sales-ready leads

Strategy & positioning

  • Advice on strategy development to address specific or new target groups
  • Consistent development and further development of functioning storytelling
  • Ongoing analysis and scaling of successful approaches to leverage further sales potential

Research team & data intelligence

  • No scattering losses: AI addresses instead of cold databases
  • Successful identification of target groups that are difficult to select
  • No more buying inaccurate addresses or lead lists

Coaching & sparring

  • Customised coaching for our client's employees after 6 months
  • Personal sparring partner for the acquisition process and approach
  • Digital sales masterclass for further training of teams


Over the last 15 years, we have helped over 200 industrial companies to develop suitable arguments for addressing demanding target groups, segment data and significantly increase success. We are able to provide scalable new customer acquisition for hidden champions as well as for traditional companies and large corporations.

Find out in an initial consultation how your new customer acquisition goals can be achieved!

How does lead generation for industrial clients with Worm Marketing Consulting differ from other agencies

We are specialised in B2B lead generation for explanation-intensive and complex products and solutions for our clients in the fields of IT and industry. We pursue a tried and tested strategy of proven methods which form the basis for our work and our success. Besides the specialisation, it is the quality that distinguishes us from others. The results of our work are high quality and concrete B2B leads or opportunities with more than just one appointment or requested interview. A lead generated at Worm Marketing Consulting contains meaningful content, use cases with actual needs and with an established sales potential as well as an opportunity for future projects. The resulting leads exceed the usual level and convince with buyer insights that others cannot qualify.

This can only be accomplished with highly specialised, motivated and professional employees. A potential client only provides insights into his or the company's problems if he feels well understood. Hence, we have a stable team that is familiar with the industries and can therefore engage in a very professional dialogue with the target group and ultimately identify real project potential.

Another requirement for successful lead generation is consulting and analysis. A project or a campaign is always a dynamic process. We lead every project to success, because we intensively consult and analyse prior to the conception. Addresses and contact details can be individually researched or procured to address the exact target group. Consequently, we always process the appropriate addresses in order to reduce scattering losses. For every project, we create a project plan with suitable and sophisticated analysis and consulting milestones, measurably incorporate E-Mail marketing, business networks (LinkedIn, XING), whitepaper campaigns, inbound lead sources and other potential measures.

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