B2B lead generation for industry and manufacturing

In our experience, external sales support incorporating new marketing services is becoming increasingly important for companies in the capital goods industry. Outsourcing saves costs and maximises efficiency of in-house sales specialists, who then have more time to attend to high-value interests.

Worm Marketing Consulting takes over all tasks for you, even in international markets, from the definition of a target group to the point where the expertise of your sales department is indispensable. This means your sales team can focus on their core tasks and will not waste time on tasks that others could fulfil just as well and often more effectively and with greater motivation.

Our employees combine a high level of technical competence with extensive experience in approaching new contacts. We are trained to explain our client's products so precisely that the contact person immediately understands how they work and what benefits they offer. This eye-to-eye discussion positively affects the decision-maker to identify concrete potential.

How does lead generation for industry and manufacturing clients with Worm Marketing Consulting differ from other agencies

We are specialised in B2B lead generation for explanation-intensive and complex products and solutions for our clients in the fields of IT and industry. We pursue a tried and tested strategy of proven methods which form the basis for our work and our success. Besides the specialisation, it is the quality that distinguishes us from others. The results of our work are high quality and concrete B2B leads or opportunities with more than just one appointment or requested interview. A lead generated at Worm Marketing Consulting contains meaningful content, use cases with actual needs and with an established sales potential as well as an opportunity for future projects. The resulting leads exceed the usual level and convince with buyer insights that others cannot qualify.

This can only be accomplished with highly specialised, motivated and professional employees. A potential client only provides insights into his or the company's problems if he feels well understood. Hence, we have a stable team that is familiar with the industries and can therefore engage in a very professional dialogue with the target group and ultimately identify real project potential.

Another requirement for successful lead generation is consulting and analysis. A project or a campaign is always a dynamic process. We lead every project to success, because we intensively consult and analyse prior to the conception. Addresses and contact details can be individually researched or procured to address the exact target group. Consequently, we always process the appropriate addresses in order to reduce scattering losses. For every project, we create a project plan with suitable and sophisticated analysis and consulting milestones, measurably incorporate E-Mail marketing, business networks (LinkedIn, XING), whitepaper campaigns, inbound lead sources and other potential measures.

Five key elements for success in the lead generation for industry and manufacturing clients

1. Target group & addresses
The pivotal point to avoid scattering losses
In order to identify suitable and appropriate target companies or interested parties, inventory data can be an initial point if reference - but addresses can also be purchased or researched individually. Therefore, we draw on our advanced crawler technologies and analyse our own databases including detailed desk research to assess existing and available data and create new sources. This enables an optimal enrichment with initial contacts and an individual approach. WMC advises on the selection of target groups and identifies promising markets and research methods based on project experience. This process results in finding a suitable target group and the corresponding initial contact data or addresses of potential prospects.

2. Setup
The basis of B2B opportunities with established sales potential
In close consultation with the client's sales and marketing team, WMC prepares a SalesKit in which the functionality of the focused products or solutions, their use by the end customer, their advantages over competing products and competing solutions are presented at a high technical level. The technical background enables our specialists to place the customer's product optimally with the prospective customer in a more in-depth and serious discussion and to determine concrete requirements and needs. Our experience from hundreds of projects is incorporated into the guidelines for conducting interviews and advanced conversation techniques. Starting a project, our employees are thoroughly trained with respect to technology and how to conduct conversations. Thus, an "acquisition" conversation can be conducted during a campaign and the sales department can concentrate on further new customer acquisition with optimal preparation.

3. Implementation
Not only leads, but real use cases with "buyer insights"
Our employees identify the actual decision-makers in the target companies, present the product or solution to them while determining the current situation (for example, in relation to competing products), the need, the willingness to talk, and the planning horizon for investments. It takes our employees only a few sentences to clarify what the product is about, how it works and what benefits it offers. In an open dialog engaged at eye level, areas of application and priorities are discussed with the potential customer. This telephone approach is supplemented by coordinated and specific information via E-Mail. This creates a high level of commitment in the further sales process and forms the basis for successful deals. Contacts with current and particular need are transferred to our customer's sales department on a daily basis with all the information generated - contacts who are likely to have needs in the future can be followed up in a nurturing process.

4. Reporting and consulting
Efficiency enhancement through close consultation and transparency
Sophisticated, customer-specific reporting tools enable our customer to keep track of and control the progress of his project at all times. For example, WMC uses project-related E-Mail ticketing systems to guarantee timely feedback on generated leads and provides the client with various KPI reports on the status of the acquisition, the quality of the leads or the campaign, and market observations.

5. Results

  • qualified leads with actual needs and established sales potential of possible customers
  • reliable and complete information about all processed target companies and contacts, thereby campaign-capable database
  • pipeline with real potential and leads with substantial content as follow-ups
  • market knowledge and strategy instead of "plain and simple" telephone marketing
  • Increase in efficiency of sales, marketing or field service by focusing on leads with sales potential

Our services at a glance

  • Telephone marketing / Business development / Marketing
    • Lead generation
    • Cold calls
    • Lead nurturing
    • Pipeline marketing
    • Call or on-site appointments scheduling
    • Account-based Management
    • Sales support
    • Attendee engagement & activation
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • E-Mail marketing
    • Behavioural tracking
    • Landing pages
    • Online & offline dialogue marketing
  • Consulting
    • SalesKit creation
    • Lead management
    • Technology & sales-oriented market analyses
    • Target groups identification & potential analyses
    • Process & CRM
    • Trainings
  • Data
    • Address acquisition and augmentation
    • Desk research
    • Research & profiling of companies & contact persons
    • Use of crawlers and algorithms to automate the procuring of accounts & contact persons
    • Automated recording of directories
    • Data reconciliation
    • Territory mapping
    • Input of leads into all common CRM systems
    • Data capture

Since 2005, we have successfully implemented over 2'000 B2B lead generation campaigns because we know how to successfully position an offer in the right tone, at the right moment and with the right tools with responsible decision-makers.

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