Responsible consulting
Our wealth of experience in developing and implementing successful business development programmes and lead generation campaigns enhances our continuous development and creation of measurable and successful new methods for addressing your target groups. Our working methods are practical and anchored in real life. We are not only consultants: Our operational teams are also involved in successfully implementing projects. Combining these aspects, we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to communicating directly with potential decision-makers via a range of different channels.

Sector focus and implementation
As experts in B2B business development, we focus on the IT & Software and Industry & Manufacturing sectors. In these areas of specialisation, we know which way the wind is blowing, so we can help our customers develop effective strategies and concepts for the subsequent implementation. We can also support the implementation process on request. At Worm Marketing Consulting, we also support our customers directly, using a range of consultancy and coaching modules. For example, we can help our customers set up their own team or select and manage a suitable service provider.

Clear methodology and consulting modules
Our consultancy portfolio is carefully tailored to defining content that is suitable for the particular target group, developing the right tools for a successful campaign and applying long-term strategies to ensure success.

This enables us to introduce the optimum conditions for a guaranteed successful one-to-one communication. To achieve this, we first discuss and define data, scatter loss, target groups, previous experiences, objectives and, of course, the products and solutions being the central stage. Our further approach shifts its focus to unique features, the precise definition of benefits and their inclusion in storytelling, with regard to the tight interlocking of our activities with other marketing and sales tools. To make the most of every campaign, we keep improving ourselves based on conclusions and outcomes of previous implementations. To achieve the best result possible, we discuss the experiences gained in marketing and sales, scrutinise the data from results and conversions and ensure the transparency of these measures in the specific CRM.

Our consultancy modules at a glance:

  • Target group: Potential analysis, research and identification of target companies
  • Planning and designing business development or marketing campaigns
  • Project management for marketing campaigns
  • Development of USPs and use benefits
  • Storytelling in one-to-one contacts
  • Coaching for sales or business development teams
  • Creation of emotionally effective fact-based discussion guidelines

Your contact

Sebastian Worm-Paradiek

Managing Director
Phone: +49 89 2306930-01